Turin Overview [2-hour Tour]

If the haphazard street plan of most Italian art cities has you confused and looking for order amidst chaos, spend some time exploring Turin’s logical city center grid.  Turin’s kings commissioned architects to design an orderly conglomerate of noble palaces and elegant piazzas.  Baroque style dominates with delicate hues and refined arcades. Our walk will take you back to a time when duchesses and their lovers animated court life and when kings and their armies fought for independence. Our sightseeing circular route will begin and end at Piazza Castello — once the center of royal court life, then medal square for the 2006 Winter Olympics and now a breathtaking architectural backdrop for Turin’s contemporary fast paced life. Your guide will also provide restaurant recommendations.

notturno Gran Madre

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Downtown Turin


2 hours

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Light walk around the city center

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