Turin Attractions + One Museum [3-hour Tour]

This private guided tour takes advantage of the city layout and the concentration of the main baroque historical buildings in a conveniently located central area of town for those who want to  learn about  the past and present of Turin and includes a visit to one of its first class world renowned museums. During our walk we’ll enter Palazzo Madama, a medieval castle turned into a sumptuous residence for two Duchesses, San Lorenzo Church where science and faith go hand in hand and Palazzo Carignano where the first king of Italy was born. Then we will visit ONE museum of your choice from among the following: the Egyptian Museum, the National Cinema Museum, Palazzo Reale with the Royal Armory Museum and the National Automobile Museum. This tour will familiarize you with the layout of the city so that you can discover more on your own during the rest of your stay. Don’t forget to ask your guide for advice on restaurants and shops.

Caval 'd Bronz

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Downtown Turin


3 hours

>>>Best Time of the Year to Take it

Every day but Mondays all year around

>>>How is Works

If  your hotel is centrally located, we’ll meet in the lobby, otherwise we’ll agree upon another convenient meeting location.

Light walk in the city center (taxi ride to the National Automobile Museum only)

Free welcome gianduiotto (chocolate made with cocoa and hazelnut paste)



Please note that the charge is per group,  not per person.


Museum admission tickets, taxi fare to the national Automobile Museum only (if chosen).

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>>>People with Disabilities


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