Driving Around Langa

05.26.2013   Driving Around Langa

Today  I drove in search of  off-the-beaten-path places in Bassa Langa (low Langa) to sooth my spirits and also to possibly add a new destination or two to my tours. While driving from Torino with my itinerary in mind, I was wondering if in such a gorgeous  cloudless spring day I’d find what I was looking for.

Well, the scenery wasn’t really disappointing me. On the contrary. Let’s pull over  to take pictures.

Langa maggio 2013 (9)

My first stop was at  a local wine cellar . Hummm…… nice. Free wine tasting and a guided tour of the cellars for wine aging .

Cantina Comunale Castiglione Falletto (3)

Not to bad to warm up . I loved listening to the story of how grapes turn into THE ruby nectar  .  Of course I drank very little and I was sober enough to hit the road again and drive up to the top of one among  zillions  of hills that, like corrugated paper, wrap  this enchanting land.


The Alps peering in the distance made me feel I was home. If you were born at the foot of a mountain range , as I did, you’d only feel safe when you see mountains in the distance; because they are your guardian angels.


And then there it was: my tranquil small colorful and pristine little hamlet. I knew it’d not disappoint me.

Leaving  the car behind I set up for a short walk around the walls of a majestic TRUE medieval castle and time stopped ticketing.

Castiglione Falletto (3)

“How lucky these people are” I thought to myself as locals were  leaving church after Sunday mass “ to live in such a beautiful place”. In the split of a second they were all gone; lunch time was around the corner.  Well, how about having something to eat myself? All in all, I am in the very area renowned for good and genuine traditional cuisine.

From a small cute restaurant, seating on an open balcony overlooking Langa I was offerd  a glass of Dolcetto red wine  with grissini as a starter and then a long sequence of small samplings of our simple Piedmontese traditional dishes. Peperoni con le acciughe (roasted bell peppers with anchovies), insalata  di carne cruda ( ground beef salad), agnolotti (meet filled ravioli), arrosto (roast beef) , bunet (chocolate dessert).


Today I won’t mind about piling up calories. I’ll need them to keep exploring.

Serralunga in distanza

After an afternoon spent leisurely walking around and taking pictures of another village famous for its breathtaking view overlooking the hilly Langhe, I was ready to go back home.

I was happy and jazzed up , with  only one regret: not having shared this beauty with a customer/tourist  from overseas.

Maybe next time around.

Ciao …..

Your off-the-beaten-track-destinations scout Fabia