Abbeys of the Susa Valley [Full-day Trip]

At 30-minutes drive from Torino center the Susa Valley   is the gateway to France and northern Europe. Through the  majestic Alps mountain range, home to the 2006 Winter Olympics, this tour  retraces the religious pilgrims’ footsteps on the ancient medieval route leading to Rome and Jerusalem called the  Franchigena  (Francs) Route  dotted by Benedictine abbeys.

On our first stop we’ll visit   the Church of Sant’Antonio di Ranverso, which is set amid pastures and sports stunning medieval frescoes. Then we’ll drive to  Sacra di San Michele, a tenth century monastery perched on top of a cliff overlooking the valley where you’ll be literally taken away by its mysticism and mysterious charm. After lunch  we’ll go further west to explore the city of Susa, with its Roman ruins and beautiful medieval streets. There, we will have time for shopping  local goodies in the main street.

Valle Susa 1

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>>> Itinerary

Car trip to the Susa Valley with stops at Sant’Antonio di Ranverso, Sacra di San Michele, Susa

>>> Duration

Up to 10 hours (full day). Back to your hotel before dinner time

>>> Best Time of the Year to Take it

Every day but Mondays from April through October

>>> How it works

The journey requires either your own car or a rental car with driver (I can provide quotes ) Please consider that the guide will go with your car.

Meet at your hotel lobby at 8:30

Lunch . Your guide will make a reservation at a  traditional restaurant

Return  to the hotel by 6 pm.

>>> Cost


Please note that the charge is per group,  not per person.

>>> Extras

Transportation. Admission tickets, meals, snacks.

Your guide will give you a comprehensive quote at the time of reservation.

>>> Maximum Customers


>>> People with Disabilities

NOT recommended

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