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I am a licensed Tourist Guide, born and raised in Turin, Italy.  Turin (or Torino as we Italians call it) is located in Italy’s Piedmont region, became the first capitol of Italy in 1861 and more recently served as host of the 2006 Winter Olympics.  It is home to the Holy Shroud of Turin, and so much more.

I am a former lawyer whose life took another path after pursuing a successful career as a high profile executive in Italy’s utility industry.  I left Italy for twelve years, living in London, Chicago and Brazil where I observed different cultures, trained as a visual artist, and did quite a lot of travelling around the world as a tourist.

When I eventually returned to my beloved hometown of Turin, I fell in love with it again, and saw it in a different light.  After completing my licensure as a tour guide, I have a deeper appreciation of all that Turin has to offer and strive to keep abreast of the latest local events and happenings.

I speak fluent English, French and Portuguese that I love to practice while working with tourists from overseas.  I never tire of answering questions about Italian culture and local traditions.  Through sharing my sense of history, culture and aesthetics I hope to make your trip most memorable.  My private guided tours combine past and present, sacred and profane, history and legend as we mingle unobtrusively among the locals. While fine food and wine establishments are ubiquitous in Turin, I will share my best picks with you.

I consider myself fortunate to live in the baroque and jeweled city of Turin, with its first class royal residences and French style piazzas, endless arcades and elegant cafes where one can indulge in artisanal chocolate treats. The city’s proximity to the world-renowned wine country of Langhe and Roero makes a day trip to discover Barolo and Barbaresco wines a must.

My private guided tours range from 2-hour city overview tours to one-day trips and the tours listed here are just a sampling. I prefer to work with small groups, but I can accommodate larger parties. I work as a full-time tourist guide and I am permitted to conduct private tours inside museums.  Just let me know what you are interested in doing during your stay in this part of Piedmont and I’ll prepare a custom tour for you.

Looking forward to seeing you.



LicenceAccording to the Italian law tour guides must be licensed  by local authorities and show a badge that proves it.