The Reggia of Venaria Reale [Half-day Tour]

The Reggia of  Venaria Reale  [Half-day Tour]

Once upon a time European royal families used to show off their power and prestige
and compete with each other by building sumptuous residences and castles at the
outskirt of town. The Savoy Kings of Piedmont made no exception. Over the
centuries they built a system of castles and hunting places called “crown of
delights”,  of which the Reggia di
Venaria Reale is the gem. Versailles itself couldn’t compete with the
uniqueness of its background: the Alps range. The Reggia di Venaria returned to
its original splendor thanks to the biggest conservation project in Europe and has
been declared   a World Heritage Site for
Humanity by UNESCO . This tour will make you pretend you’re spending time at
court strolling through dozens of rooms,
halls and galleries and enjoying endless gardens. The Reggia is located
at the outskirts of town (a 30-minutes drive or bus ride from the town center).

Venaria 6

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Downtown Turin to Venaria Reale and back.


4 hours

>>>Best Time of the Year to Take it

Every day but Mondays from March through July and from September through November

>>>How it works

I will meet you at your hotel and walk to the nearest shuttle bus stop to the Venaria Reale. 30-minute bus ride to Venaria and guided tour to the Reggia and the gardens (duration of the visit 2 hours).Bus ride back to the hotel.

Should the hotel not be conveniently located , it will be necessary to take a taxi cab ride  to/from the Reggia di Venaria Reale. The guide will discuss it with you at the time of booking.

Long walk inside the Reggia

Free welcome gianduiotto (chocolate made with cocoa and hazelnut paste)



Please note that the charge is per group,  not per person.


Admission tickets to the Reggia and Gardens , bus or taxi fare, food/snacks

>>>Maximum Customers


>>>People with Disabilities

YES  but not by public transportation

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions about this tour before booking. Go to Contacts and send me an email.