Gelato Extravaganza [3-hour Tour]

Gelato Extravaganza  [3-hour Tour]


Gelato making is an old Italian tradition that is alive and well in Turin where skilled and visionary gelato makers continue to create gourmet masterpieces. This private guided tour is all about strolling through the city and sampling gelato at a relaxed pace while learning about Turin’s art, architecture, history and traditions. Forget about counting carbs for the day!

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Downtown Turin


3 hours

>>>Best Time of the Year to Take it

From Mid March through  October

>>>How it works

If your hotel is centrally located, we’ll meet in the lobby, otherwise we’ll agree upon another convenient meeting location.

Light walk around the city center tasting gelato


$ 188.00

Please note that the charge is per group,  not per person.



>>>Maximum Customers


>>> People with Disabilities


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