How can I book a tour?

Choose a tour, check the availability on the calendar and click the day. You will be redirected either  to the Book Your Full Day Tour or to the Book Your Half Day Tour page. By filling  it in you will start the booking process.If  the information provided is complete, you will receive a detailed  invoice  and, after you pay it , a Booking Confirmed email. If I need more information from you to book the tour, we’ll exchange emails until all necessary details are taken care of.

Do you have customized tours?

Absolutely. Go to the Custom  Tours page , click the Book This Tour button and fill in the reservation form  describing your ideas  and providing all details. I will get back to you with a tentative tour that we’ll discuss and shape according to your needs.

How are tours priced?

The cost is per tour NOT per person.

What if I book more than one tour?

You will receive a comprehensive invoice that will include all your tours.

Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes, all tours require an advance payment.

How do I pay?

You will receive  an invoice through PayPal for the tour/tours you have chosen . Once the payment is received you will receive a Booking Confirmed email from Touriers.

What happens if I need to cancel my tour?

You will  get a refund according to Touriers’ Cancellation Policy.

How do I communicate with Touriers?

You can email me any time (go to Contacts ) or we can set a day and time to talk over the phone or via Skype. I will call you (on the contact phone number that you will provide ) the day before our tour to confirm with you time and meeting location.

What happens if I need to make  last minute changes to the time and  meeting location ?

I will try to do my best to change our scheduled time and location whenever possible, provided that you call me at least  12 hours before our meeting time. Be advised that I may have other scheduled tours before or after yours and make sure that you check my time zone before calling.

Tell me more about extras.

Please let me know if you need to know the amount of extras that you will expect to pay while taking the tour. I will give you an idea. Remember that it is always a good idea to carry extra cash (Euros)  with you in case your credit card is not accepted.

I will include in your invoice advance payments for admission tickets only, whenever needed.

If your tour requires a car and driver service, I will provide you with quotes from selected companies, but I cannot make advance payments for you. You are responsible for paying the driver yourself.

What happens if I have my own car?

You’ll have to let me know at the time of booking and remember that I will go with your car . However, if you’d like me to follow your car  with my car, I will charge and extra fee .